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A poor relationship with food is something you may struggle with every day! Is your Monday to Friday ‘perfectly strict’ and weekends an absolute train wreck⁉️ In the dieting world a restricted Monday-Friday and blow out Saturday-Sunday pattern is a common vicious cycle 🔄 and indicates a poor relationship with food. Essentially dieters consider food in two categories either good or bad and anything falling into the ‘bad’ category is usually what is consumed in uncontrolled portions when the diet is too restrictive! 💡 Consider this, if you’re consuming just over 1200 calories Monday – Thursday followed by a 9000 calorie Friday onwards of dine out meals, sweets, take out, cheat meals, alcohol etc = then despite your ‘clean weekdays’ your weekly daily average is STILL 1900. This could be the reason you are maintaining/not losing weight provided it may not equate to a calorie deficit for your body. 👍 FLEXIBLE DIETING, DONE RIGHT! 
In its best practice flexible dieting is a balance of 80% nutrient dense food and 20% food for the soul.
Why this science based strategy is beneficial for you:
✅RESULTS: Hitting YOUR intake requirements (if your goal intake is set right) achieving results.
✅EATING TO PREFERENCE: Enjoying foods of your choice!
✅EDUCATION: You understand how the body recognises food & how to eat for your body!
✅MAINTAIN YOUR SOCIAL LIFE: With the tools to make allowances & guesstimate so dining out is possible while dieting! ✅BUILD A BETTER RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD: Flexible dieting minimises restrictions and therefore managing binge eating, blow outs & food avoidance. ➖➖➖➖➖➖
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