Food diary by @livevitae .
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My daily schedule changes regularly and that reflects my food choices and eating habits for the day.
Having a flexible and sustainable approach to food is important. I do my best in preparing food ahead whether it’s prepped or knowing I have a stocked fridge is key.
Listening to your body with internal cues and instincts in what to eat and when to fuel yourself whether you are really hungry or too stressed to eat or need to eat more. Instead of listening to newspaper magazine bogus claims which is of course paid for by retail industry.
My preferences changes daily, sometimes I eat breakfast early, sometimes I Fast. Sometimes I eat a lot of carbs sometimes I go lower carb. There are so many factors involved and our caloric demands change daily!
The food below which does not include a shake as a snack + Nuts and coffee with mct Oil + Reishi Mushroom = around 2300 Calories.

👉🏼 Breakfast. 1-2 hours after waking.
Chia seed pudding with vanilla pea protein, cashews, blackberries, raspberries and almond butter.

👉🏼 Pre workout – an 1.5 hours before training.
Chicken breast – broccoli – Aubergine – Tomatoes – salad leaves – dark chocolate

👉🏼 Post workout – 1 hour after training.
Picanha steak – baked sweet potato – romanesco broccoli – courgettes

👉🏼 Dinner. 2-3 hour before bed.
Lamb leg steaks – big salad – broccoli – butternut squash wedges
Just food for Thought with a food diary and some habits I use to optimise my day ❤️ Ryan ✌🏻
📸 @livevitae .
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