T I K K A M A S A L A 🤩🍴!
. . .
Tonight’s ‘fakeaway’ was this cheats tikka masala using a light sauce I found in Morrisons yesterday! Literally just threw all the veggies & some Quorn pieces in a pan, cooked up until browned and then added the sauce! Lazy dinner sorted. 👊🏼
[Serves 3-4]:
🌈 300g bag of @quornuk pieces
🌈 Pack of mushrooms
🌈 Onion, broccoli & courgettes
🌈 A jar of Morrisons Eat Smart tikka masala sauce
🍴 Then I served it uppp simply with some basmati rice (which I successfully cooked FROM SCRATCH for the first time rather than using a microwave bag 😂👏🏼)
Blooooomin delicious 💃💃💃