GINGERBREAD overnight oats!!! 😍🙌🏼 I pretty much used my same recipe from last year (had to scroll back so far lol) but these are inspired by @sweatysweetpotato’s that she made a few days ago 👌💯i think these will be on repeat the whole week 😁😁😁
👉 mix 1/4 c sprouted quick oats with 1 tbs chia seed + 1 tbs ground flax + 1 scoop @vitalproteins gingerbread collagen creamer + 1 tsp blackstrap molasses + a good shake of @freshjax maple cinnamon and ginger + 1/4 c coconut milk (from a can) + 1/2 c almond milk. Mix well and toss in fridge. In the AM i topped with banana, @siggisdairy vanilla, my last bite of @erinliveswhole gingerbread cookies and some extra creamy almond butter