Tonight, I’m posting something that is incredibly close to my heart. It’s also something that is incredibly personal and in many ways, incredibly scary to talk about, due to judgment and non-understanding, but it’s part of my story, part of who I am.
Tonight, I’m posting these photos, because I hope to reach you, if you’re suffering in silence. I want you to know there’s help to be had.
I can never reverse my life. I can never go back to my early adult years and tell myself not to listen to those men I had very self-destructive relationships with. I can never tell that innocent girl, that abs & fitting into kids-size jeans isn’t a mandatory for happiness. I can never go back and tell her that she’s loved beyond measures. I can never go back and not listen to all the comments of encouragement I would get, from all the wrong people, the skinnier I became. Writing this brings tears to my eyes, because if there’s anything in this life I wish I could do, it would be to go back and love myself exactly for who I was and not the beanstalk I wanted to be at 37 kg’s 😔
But, YOU have the power to get help. I’m writing this tonight, because I feel overwhelmed with tears & happiness that the Australian Government has announced that it will now, for the first time EVER, give Australians with Eating Disorders access to a comprehensive treatment plan under Medicare 😭
Eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates of any psychiatric illness, with suicide being the leading cause of death among these patients. Anorexia is now the deadliest mental health condition in Australia and around 1 million Australians live with an eating disorder. That’s one too many.
If I can ever use any of my past suffering to help others heal, I know it will have been worth it. But, please do not get stuck in this horrific way of life. Because it’s anything but a life. Find the courage to heal. The help is here. I promise. You just have to take the very first step. I know it’s scary, but it gets easier with time. And those who love you – those who truly, deeply love you – they will hold your hand all along the way. Their love will teach you how to love yourself ♥️