Fat Loss vs. Muscle Gain: What should you aim for?⠀When starting your fitness journey, sometimes it’s hard to know what to aim for…⠀
Most people should aim for weight loss before muscle gain. If you have a couple of extra pounds or a lot, weight loss should be your main goal before you concentrate on packing on muscle. However, adding muscle to your frame can accelerate weight loss as well.⠀
First, focus on losing weight. If you are not already at 15% body fat or lower, your primary goal should be to shed fat. Diet, cardiovascular exercise, and supplementation will help you lose damaging deposits of fat. At the same time you lose weight, you will gain energy. A great way to lose fat is eating a healthy diet high in protein and fats but lower on carbs, like the @chipotle bowl on the left. 🤩(Approx. 400 calories)⠀
Second, with all that energy that you’ll gain from losing weight, you can start building muscle. You can supplement cardiovascular workouts with light weightlifting to encourage your body to work harder for weight loss or muscle gain. By adding light weightlifting to your workouts, you will burn more calories, shed more fat, and prepare your body to switch to muscle building when you’ve reached your weight loss goal. 🤩A great way to build muscle is eating a healthy diet high in protein and carbs, like the @chipotle bowl on the right. ⠀
(Approx. 1000 calories)⠀
Remember, balance is key, and how you balance will depend on your current state and your goals. Credit @mpof
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