Seeing as though my waters broke at 3am last Wednesday morning and I didn’t get to post a #38weeks pregnant photo – this is one I took a couple of days before and the last ever of my bump!
Oh my god I miss my bump soo much – is that weird?! I really want to rub it one more time (getting emosh even writing that 😢) – hormones I know I know, but I’m not normally a crier!
I can’t believe how much it’s gone down in a week – and I’m not intending to brag or make other mums feel inferior in any way – I want to show how much you DONT NEED TO CARE about how much weight you put on during pregnancy
I must admit I was a bit nervous about my 2.5 stone weight gain ⚖️ (never shared that figure before) because I genuinely just wanted a healthy baby but also wanted to be healthy myself once she’d arrived (not straight away)
So I weighed myself today and I’ve lost 1.5 stone of that weight gain 😱
I don’t intend to start a strict healthy eating regime any time soon either as I’m breastfeeding and my priority is to get some sort of routine going in our lives but I’m glad to know the journey isn’t going to be as far as I thought and certainly not the 6 stone I lost originally
So if any followers are looking for healthy meals being posted soon they may be few and far between (pretty much like my pregnancy 🤪) and there’ll obviously be baby overshare as well!
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