When “Facebook Memories” pops up with these photos, it makes you realize how diverse our lives can be! Like …. how cool is that … we can be whoever we want to be 🦄 and we can learn from each situation! 🤓 •

I originally wanted to be skinny. I thought that eating less, exercising more, and being ‘smaller’ would make me happy and my life seemingly perfect.

Well I did all of that, but I definitely wasn’t happier. In fact, when I was at my lightest weight, I was weak, tired and more alarming was that my mental health was at its lowest point. Anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia.

Then I wanted to be strong and powerful so I transitioned to CrossFit. Competed in a local competition and absolutely loved it! The sweat. The focus. The grit. Every workout, every competition, had me leaving feeling like “Rocky” 💪🏼 •

Then I wanted to see how I could transform my physique and embrace the “prep life” so I transitioned into bikini competitions, which was something I knew I always wanted to check off my bucket list. Again, I loved this part of my journey. Prep was something I had never experienced before. It taught me that competing is WAY more then just the physique you bring, more then just sparkles, glam, and heels. Prep is a serious mental game. You are either ALL IN or OUT! •

Now, here I am. Current goals are not based around any competition and are not based around any physique goal … which is so odd for me! Coming from a competitive gymnast background, I always had something on the radar. I loved the feeling of training hard with a specific date in mind. I loved the “unknown” feeling of wondering, “Is this my best? Will I be ready?”

But what I have also come to realize is that you don’t always have to have an end goal in mind to work towards. Although it’s nice to have that competitive edge, sometimes just seeing how life unfolds is …. COOL 😎

I know it can be hard to not have an end date tonwork towards …. society makes us believe that we always have to have something on hand to work towards. But why not just …. NOT. just live life, see what it brings you along the way. • ⬇️⬇️ CONTINUED .. future plans ….. 😎