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People eat bread. This largely occurs because people like bread. In most cases it is not particularly nutrient dense, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be consumed with/without something that is nutrient dense. –

For too long bread has been blamed for weight gain or the primary food that stagnates weight loss. Whilst bread is left on supermarket shelves by those convinced that it’s the reason they are fat, the real issue is of course that several multi-faceted issues/actions across one’s diet and lifestyle contribute to weight gain. To attribute one food/food group as the single cause of the complexity that is obesity is short sighted.

Most of the calories in bread originate from carbs in refined form (and we know how irrational people can be about refined carbs). But when an individual claims that relatively high carb foods are satanic for one’s composition, they are misinformed and irrational. In fact, one recent study tested diets with free access to refined carbs compared with refined fats. It’s results indicated that more weight was gained over time with free access to refined fats, not carbs. This is just one study of course. –

As you’ll see, in terms of calories, white bread is similar wholemeal and rye breads. Therefore you will not necessarily manage weight better by consuming brown bread, despite it being less refined. The only key nutritional difference is fibre. And whilst fibre may increase one’s satiety, attention must also be paid to additional food variables included in the form of fillings or spreads to gather a greater insight into total energy consumed and subsequent food behaviour. 🤜🤛

If you enjoy bread, include it in your diet. If you don’t enjoy bread, don’t include it. But
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