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@meowmeix – We can all agree we need to eat more plants 🌱 .
Love this post by my good friend Tyler aka @functional.foods. He breaks down the reason why plants are so important to a healthy diet below:
Plants contain fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and polyphenols which are essential for optimal health.
Phytochemicals are exclusively found in plants and can be thought of as these biologically active compounds of the plants immune system which give fruits and vegetables their bright color.
The more phytochemicals we consume, the better our body is able to combat oxidative stress, reduce stress induced apoptosis, decrease inflammation, and protect the gut.
As you can see, all four of these meal have a few main things in common:
1️⃣ Lots of vegetables
2️⃣ An abundance of diverse color
3️⃣ Animal protein is more of a condiment and makes up