It’s fry day! 🍟 Recently I’ve been thinking about an interaction I had with a Lyft driver. We were talking about everything from photography to diabetes, and he told me about how watching @forksoverknives and avoiding things like processed sugars and starchy foods helped him to achieve better health. Lemme just spill the T and say that only one of those things is true! Starchy foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, etc. are to be embraced rather than feared. Aside from being freaking deLICIOUS, potatoes, in particular, are great for stress assistance, insomnia, depression, and a slew of other things you can find via @medicalmedium ✨ What we should be wary of is what we choose to accompany them with. Heavy amounts of dairy, oil, and salt can cause delays in your health, leading to slower progress. Next time, try baking your potatoes with little to no oil or replacing your usual butter with avocado or guacamole. 🥑 Here I made @thevanillavegan a lil plate of potato wedges (with the amazing air fryer 😍) + the @medicalmedium tomato sauce from his potato crust pizza recipe. 🍅🥔 Cheers to the weekend!