the classic omelette plate to kick off this chilly hump day 🍳❤️
whenever I’m unsure of what to make, my OG omelette always comes through 🤗 you can load it up with any veggie or protein you’d like, but I almost always just stick with spinach and enjoy dressing up my toasts instead 💕 I went for both a sweet and savory slice, so this plate definitely hit the spot after an awesome HIIT workout + some incline walking!
I do still have my omelette tutorial on my highlighted stories – it’s an old one, but I still follow that exact method!
exactly one week today I will be writing my last final exam for the semester 💃 it’s definitely going to be a busy week leading up to that, but I can see the finish line and am ready to push hard until then 😎
I hope you all have a wonderful wednesday!
day 28 of the gratitude challenge: I’m grateful for being able to listen to music that inspires me, that lifts me up, and songs that speak to me so deeply they bring me to tears.
#breakfast two egg omelette with spinach topped with avo, a slice of toasted flax sourdough bread topped with homemade coconut yogurt + strawberries + @navitasorganics cacao nibs + @crazyrichardspb PB and the other half has avo chunks + feta + pepitas + @manitobaharvest hemp hearts