my toast philosophy: the more toppings, the BETTER 🍞💕
happy #toasttuesday! this loaded savory slice went down after a sweaty 4 mile treadmill run 🏃🏻‍♀️! I really haven’t been running all that much lately, but this morning I ran because I genuinely wanted to and felt like I had the energy to, so I did! no expectation or goal for myself – just because I wanted to and because I CAN. I feel so free and happy to be at this place with exercise and movement ❤️ it’s definitely taken a while though, so if you are still struggling, have patience, and I encourage you to challenge yourself so you can learn how strong and incredible you are!
in other news, if you saw on my stories last night, Michael and I are going on a trip to DC together in February! we had a few cities in mind, but DC won for this one 🤗
where do you think we should go next? 💕✈️
day 27 of the gratitude challenge: I’m grateful for having days off like today – no school or work! after working all weekend and finals approaching, I am so thankful for having today to catch my breath and feel on top of my work!
#breakfast a toasted slice of flax sourdough bread topped with mashed avocado + tomatoes + @manitobaharvest hemp hearts + pepitas + feta + roasted chickpeas + two soft boiled eggs sprinkled with red pepper flakes