Figured it’d be more helpful to post something other than a leg workout soO here’s a shoulder/arms day from two weeks ago💪🏼💪🏼
🌱My current workout split is basically legs, chest (usually like every other week), back, shoulders/arms, legs. I’ve been doing this for awhileeee and definitely enjoy it🤗 I don’t always like going to the gym on the weekends b/c I’m either relaxing or have other things going on sO those are my rest days. I don’t do much cardio except for my warmup on the bike (10min before each workout), but I always get at least 10k steps in a day! I thought about it and will probably stick with this split until the end of my semester and try to change things up! If you have any recommendations lmk below😊
🌱4×8 Arnold Press
🌱3×12 Bicep Curls
SS 3×12 Triceps Kickbacks
🌱4×10 Lateral Raise + hold at horizontal rotate arms forward and back
🌱4×12 Face Pulls
💪🏼For Arnold presses, you don’t want your elbows to be excessively flaring out away from your body (just like any overhead press) so be conscious of that throughout the exercise. You’ll start with the dumbbells near your shoulders and as your press up, you rotate your wrists so that you end up with your palms facing away from you at the top of the movement!