F R I E D R I C E ! 🌶🍴
. . .
Ain’t no better ‘I cba’ meal to make than this sausage and veggie fried rice! (Okay… discounting my OG love beans on toast ofc 😂🤫). But at least with this dinner its so easy to change up the flavours by just using different sausages and rice packs!
I mean, the opportunities are endless… 🤓
For tonight’s combo I went for:
👉🏼 @lindamccartneyfoods chorizo and red pepper sausages, broccoli, mushrooms, courgette and cherry tomatoes and half a pack of @tildarice lime and coriander rice! 💃
Cook all the veggies whilst the sausages are in the oven, chop ‘em up and add them in with the rice, stir fry for a couple of mins and BABAYUM 👌🏼
Deeeeliciousness 😍🙌🏼