Hullloo! I had a lovely break and hope everyone else did too💓 I ended up working out twice last week (one a home workout) so I’m ready to hit ze gym hard this week😎
Here’s quick leg day from a few weeks ago so swipe n save to make yoself a cake🍰🍑 . .
🍑4×8 Bulgarian split squat .
🍑4×20 Glute Bridges with 4sec hold
🍑4×12 Leg Press (5 sec eccentric)
🍑4×8 Lunges ——————————————————————
I’m honestly very proud of how my mentality has changed over the course of these past three years
🍰My first semester freshman year of college (now a junior) I definitely came back from break feeling like I gained fat, needed to restrict food to compensate, and workout more to burn off calories😓 This is mentality not only isn’t right, but its so mentally taxing and negative towards yourself😔
🍰 I now know I didn’t actually gain fat over break, a week off the gym won’t kill my progress (in fact, can definitely help it). I workout to feel goood not because I had a cookie with breakfast🍪 I eat to make my body feel good. I ate lot of yummy foods/alc over break and they didn’t physically make me feel my best, but i was enjoying them and making memories🍰 This week I’m going to concentrate on eating nutritiously dense foods with a treat here and there!! Be kind to yourself- you’re gonna be living with u your whole life💓