Fat loss food diary – My macro counting has always been fairly loose but while the scale is moving in the right direction I’m not changing how I go about things even for my cut. 😜

Supposed to be around 1385 cals… P125 C120 F45 – Don’t study it too hard… just use some of the tips. 😂

Even on a cut, my meals are just as high volume – bulked up with lots of non-starchy veg and alternatives to starchy carbs like pasta and rice. Getting to 11am/12pm before I start eating always ensures I don’t eat all my food early and then start snacking on extras late at night.

Black coffee and water are standard for me… I aim for 2-3L of water but often struggle to be honest. If I’m out, I now order long black coffees with a little hot almond milk added as opposed to almond milk lattes.

Half banana 🍌- the timing is not important but I eat it when I need a little extra energy, often pre-workout.

2 egg yolks and 4 egg whites scrambled with lots of sautéed veggies – mushrooms, spinach, asparagus and some tomatoes.

One piece of seeded rye toast with natural peanut butter. I only used about 12g. How’s that for restraint? 😅

150g grilled chicken breast strips seasoned lightly with fajita seasoning, cauliflower rice seasoned with garlic, onion, chilli and turmeric, sautéed mushrooms, 1/4 avocado and lemon wedges.

Mocha protein shake – recipe in most of my other food diaries… I only put a couple of walnut halves in at the moment though and lots of ice to make it thick. Still using @nextgenerationsupplements protein delicious in choc.👌🏼

Very lean beef bolognese (150g cooked mince) bulked up with mushrooms and spinach on calorie clever fettuccine which is a pasta alternative made of a vegetable called Konjac. I wanted to try something other than spiralised zucchini and this has more of a rice noodle texture. At only 10 cal per 100g as opposed to 139 cal per 100g for regular fettuccine it’s a calorie bargain. Decided to splurge on two serves of it for a total of 24 cals. 😉